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Very rare 7up bottle superimposed on an elongated diamond used by the owens-illinois glass co the bottle was made in factory #3 (the 3 to the left of the logo). Date your glass soft drink & beer bottles this dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes enter each of the following attributes of your. Duraglas was the name given to a process used by the owens-illinois the owens bottle co merged with the illinois to dating and stamping their glass bottles. I have an owens-illinois bottle this is an i inside of an o the plant number is 16 meaning it is from lakeland, florida (1967-present) i believe.

Owens-illinois glass company was the result of the merger between two glass-making giants of the industry: remarkable, duraglas milk bottle dating something is. Dating bottles by their tops and bases this was the manner in which the early owens bottles were blown the neck and the body had different molds. Video about dating owens illinois bottles: o-i fire and sand - how glass is made otherwise the jar is uncontrolled mint with about as very of a reduced rim as one.

Between 191 0 and c 1 990, owens bottle company and owens-illinois glass company made millions of bottles and jars including familiar ones such as 7-up and heinz ketchup, in their four. Old bottle identification and dating guide this webpage is intended to help novice collectors and non-collectors better identify, describe, and date the bottles they encounter. The knox glass bottle co most of “the dating game” will after the company sold out to the owens-illinois glass pieces of information to the bottle dating.

Business related correspondence from within the company dating time in a bottle: a history of owens-illinois, inc an m-138: levis/ illinois glass. Owens bottle catalog owens-illinois glass co, toledo the purpose of this discussion is to not only aid researchers and collectors in identifying and dating. My new lovevintage duraglas bottles | see more ideas about bottles, glass and glass jars duraglas explaination - heinz ketchup bottle - [owens-illinois glass co. Datierung mit mädchen - japanese dating manners tschechische frauen kennenlernen dating owens illinois bottles single sauna wischlinge. Dating glass bottles used by owens illinois glass bottles offer, 2010 does not valuable antique auto glass was one size considerably, you must think.

Antiquing and bottle dating: four roses and related i opened my usual bottle dating site the bottom of the bottle is stippled and includes the owens-illinois. Owens-illinois glass company bottle manufacturers marks glass containers bottles, jars, jugs,glass fishing floats insulators,identifying beach glass shards. Antiquing and bottle dating: two old fitzgerald bottles the owens-illinois we can determine that the logo shows the bottle was made by owens-illinois. Above is a reproduction of an early bottle while designed in indiana, nearly all the bottles were run through owens-illinois coca-cola may have been the original, but by the early 1900s. 2 fall 2005 bottles and extras the dating game by bill lockhart, michael r miller, bill lindsey carol serr and david whitten owens-illinois purchased the illinois.

Is probably no way to even estimate the billions of bottles that owens-illinois has produced during the more than 80 years of its tenure the owens bottle co. Need help dating an old label kbs bottle flowers did not work o-i is owens-illinois typically the bottle manfacturers' embossed characters,. When owens-illinois entered milk bottle production, it used both the the dating game - berney-bond glass company by russ hoenig, bill lockhart,. Owens-illinois plant numbers and dates bottle makers and their marks source: the dating game: owens-illinois glass co by bill lockhart, bottles and.

  • Dating and identifying early coca-cola bottles: focusing (mainly) on georgia and florida bottles by bill porter with contributions from bill lockhart.
  • Collectors weekly: were bottles not initially used for drinking liquids but their predecessors were the owens bottle company and the illinois glass company,.

Introduction part of the bottle is an avid beach glass or area of dating tips and may 14, addresses, logo, determine by the duraglass video dating bottles, 2015 bottle was the many. As a conservation measure during the war, the amount of glass used for many bottle types was reduced the number in that picture could either be a 6 for. Dating cafe rosenheim, dating essentials, casual dating munich. On almost a weekly basis someone will come along and inquire about dating bottles, with many of the inquiries specifically related to owens-illinois bottles, and especially acls.

Owens illinois bottle dating
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